The Gathering 2006 pictures

The third year of “The Gathering” was held at the Bethel Convention Centre in West Bromwich in February 2006.  The event featured a huge worship band headed by Tim Sanders, with Joel Pridmore, Carla Moss, Nita Pugh, and Christian Carpenter.  The band incorporated three full drum kits and percussion!  Also taking part were Four Kornerz, Mark Ritchie, and Mark Pugh.

Download a short video clip showing a wide-shot of the room on Saturday night with Tim Sanders leading the worship band (1.7MB in WMV format).
Download video clip

View from behind FOH


Joel Pridmore
Carla Moss
Tim Sanders

Nita Pugh
Christian Carpenter
Mark Pugh

Tim Sanders with halo (slipped slightly!)

Mike Swinburne on guitar
Andy Cogdon on keys and Colin Swinburne on bass

Mike Butcher on percussion
Matt Sanders on sax

Tim Sanders

Richard Ellerington
Mark Ritchie

Chatting on the sofa

Four Kornerz

Four Kornerz

Nick at FOH
Steve at monitor world

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