The Gathering 2007 pictures

“The Gathering” youth conference was held at the Bethel Convention Centre in West Bromwich in February 2007.  The event featured a huge worship band headed by Tim Sanders and Ryan Griffiths, with Joel Pridmore, Carla Moss, Nita Pugh, and Christian Carpenter.  Also taking part were main speakers Mark Ritchie, J John, and Mark Pugh.

Worship leaders
Tim Sanders and Ryan Griffiths
Part of The Gathering worship band
Tim and Ryan
Side stage (and monitors)
Daniel (aka Vessel) and Nita
Nita Pugh
Tim, Ryan, Carla, Joel
Daniel, Nita, Tim, Ryan
 Christian and Daniel (aka Vessel)
Tyrone (aka T1)
The view from monitor world
Confetti cannon!
Tim, Ryan, Carla. Joel
Nita, Tim, Ryan, Carla
Whose hand is this all the time?
Tim and Ryan
Mark Pugh at the front
B A Baracus Tribute Show
Elleringtons smashing Tim's keyboard!
Another hand
Tom silhouetted
Christian and Nita
The view from FOH
Yamaha M7CL on monitors
Yamaha PM5Ds at FOH

“Rise Up” is the live album recorded at “The Gathering” event.  Download MP3 (64Kbps) samples of nine of the new tracks on the album ...


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